From the Chairman's Desk!!

Welcome to the official website of ACTORS GUILD OF NIGERIA –ONDO STATE CHAPTER “taking anti social and criminal vices off the street through entertainment" Actors Guild of Nigeria is the umbrella body of all professional screen actors in Nigeria Motion Picture Industry. One of our key objectives is to promote the rights and privileges of the Nigerian Actor and promote unity of purpose in the Entertainment Landscape. Actors Guild of Nigeria is the flagship and largest of all Guilds in the Nigerian Motion Picture Industry.

Working hard to achieve a brighter and progressive Actors Guild of Nigeria,one that is a cynosure of all eyes and an envy of all is always my dream and having the chance to serve as Chairman of this chapter is an opportunity to fulfill that dream.even if I must admit that the AGN I dream about will be an uphill task to achieve,All the same I am humbled by the task before me, grateful for the trust you have bestowed on me, the love,support,sacrifices and cooperation you have showed. We have great talents,young men and women who wants to be given the opportunity to soar high in the sky in the industry of showbiz and entertainment but lack the support,connection and structure to fulfill their dreams,frustrated and hence ended up on the street doing drugs,internet scam, prostitution,robbery and other anti social vices."off the street ".our a project to redirect young or old talented acts who are lost from the street and integrate them into Into the project Nollywood to give them hope and stability,rescue them from their lives of crimes and help them fulfill their dreams of choosen career

I urge you to get them off the street today and integrate them into the industry.we must put an end to wasting away of our talented young men and wome,put an end to criminal and dubious lifestyles,ritual killings,thuggery,doing drugs and show them the light through entertainment. Presently, our Guild is facing some new and old challenges but the time has come to set aside things that don't matter and embrace only that which matters. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better future; to always look forward to a better tomorrow and carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on to us from the generation before us for us to humbly pass to the next generation. We should understand that greatness is never given. It must be earned. Greatness is not a path for the Lilly livered.. But for the warriors who are ready to conquer.

But the truth is... We are all warriors.. Only if we believe and put our minds into it because there is a drop of greatness in all of us.... This present board is filled with men and women who are so hungry for success and ready to roll away those years the AGN Ondo was living in darkness and shine the light for all to see perfectly. Plans are underway to first revamp and revive this chapter,build a solid structure on which we hope it will stand and never collapse forever. For the first time in history the excos of this chapter was duly inaugurated by the national body headed by the president Mr Emeka Rollas...for the first time this chapter has a functioning website, bank account and duly recognized by the press and the state government.the structure we dream of is gradually taking shape but we can't do it alone... We seek the support of all individuals, corporate organisations, government and all concerned to get to utopia and achieve the AGN of our dreams. Membership forms are available for old and new members to join and register and we are doing our best to woo producers to explore our virgin land,get our actors To finally open up the entertainment industry of our dream. The AGN Ondo State Excos humbly crave your support and encouragement… All hands must be on deck to take the Guild to a greater height!

Thank you. God bless you all.. God bless our humble Sunshine State and God bless the federal republic of Nigeria... THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!!!!!

Yours Faithfully


Ondo State Chairman